1st International Conference on Dextrous Autonomous Robots and Humanoids

Yverdon-les-Bains - Switzerland

May 19-22, 2005

Ecole d'ingénieurs du Canton de Vaud University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland European World Contest for autonomous Robots Association for the promotion of robotics in Switzerland

1st International Conference on Dextrous Autonomous Robots and Humanoids


The abstracts are free to read and download; to obtain the conditions to access the full papers and posters, please contact the organizers.

Header and general introduction (136 kB)    
Title / Author(s) Abstract Paper Poster
Keynote Speakers
"Motion Planning, State of the Art and Perspectives"
J.-P. Laumond, LAAS - CNRS, France
(46 kB) (610 kB)  
"Roboka Contest: Programminng Virtual Humanoid Robots on the Internet"
O. Michel, Cyberbotics Ltd, Switzerland
(37 kB) (214 kB)  
"RoboCup? The evolution of a Robotic Scientific Challenge"
Fernando Ribeiro, University of Minho, Portugal
(37 kB) (191 kB)  
"Cognitive Developmental Robotics"
Minoru Asada, Osaka University, Japan
(39 kB)    
"Astronautes et robots"
C. Nicollier, ESA
(45 kB)    
"About the Necessary Move from Cognitics to Ethics; Additional Definitions and Contributions to Metrics in MCS."
J.-D. Dessimoz, EIVD - Hes-so, Switzerland
(38 kB) (147 kB)  
Autonomous Mobile Robots
"Climbing Robot Competition experience at University of Catania"
D. Longo and G. Muscato, DIEES University of Catania, Italy
(103 kB) (887 kB)  
"Lomu, an Autonomous Mobile Robot with Robust Architecture and Components"
N. Uebelhart, F. Glardon and P.-F. Gauthey, EIVD - Hes-so, Switzerland
(41 kB) (707 kB)  
"Map Recall Based on Hierarchical Associative Memories"
J. Stanclova and D. Obdrzalek, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
(38 kB) (182 kB)  
"Multilayered Neural Network Adaptive Controller for Robot Manipulators"
B. Amrouche and B. Kazed, CDER and University of Blida, Algeria
(37 kB) (208 kB)  
"Contribution to the Study of the Synthesis of Biped, Motion with Enhanced Degree of Anthropomorphism"
M. Vukobratovic, B. Borovac and K. Babkovic, Institute Mihajlo Pupin and University of Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
(86 kB) (314 kB)  
"Enabling a Humanoid Robot to Interact with Multiple Persons"
M. Bennewitz, F. Faber, D. Joho, M. Schreiber and S. Behnke, University of Freiburg, Germany
(59 kB) (461 kB)  
"Real-Time Communications in a small biped robot YABIRO"
M. Albero, F. Blanes, G. Benet, P. Pérez, J.E. Simo and J. Coronel, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
(40 kB) (255 kB)  
"Using Handheld Computers to Control Humanoid Robots"
S. Behnke, J. Müller and M. Schreiber, University of Freiburg, Germany
(37 kB) (443 kB)  
Fuzzy, Neural and Genetic Control
"Establishment of a fuzzy algorithm in a mobile robot for the detection and the avoidance of an obstacle using HC12 Compact interface"
B. Bilel, University of Saad Dahleb, Algeria
(37 kB) (181 kB)  
"Neural Motion Controller for Robots Daisy and Ester"
Z. Winkler, I. Mrázová, J. Iša and J. Krchák, Charles University, Czech Republic
(90 kB) (361 kB)  
"Precise Tracking Control of Robot Manipulator using Fuzzy Logic"
P. Sumathi, St. Joseph College of Engineering, India
(37 kB) (187 kB)  
Advanced Control Architectures
"Advanced control structure for the autonomous mobile robot LODUR"
P. Maurer and M. Gagnebin, EIVD - Hes-so, Switzerland
(37 kB) (211 kB)  
"Design and implementation of an intelligent predictive controller towards vision based application"
R. Koker, S. Firat and M. Khariman, Sakarya University and Fatih Technical High School, Turkey
(43 kB) (835 kB)  
"Fabrication and Control of a 4-DOF, Autonomous Robotic Arm Using Low Cost AVR Controller"
A. Waqar, N. Hassan, S. Bano and R. Ilyas, College of EME, Pakistan
(48 kB) (248 kB)  
"Framework for rovers' navigation and obstacle avoidance"
E. Burattini, P. Coraggio, A. De Santis and B. Siciliano, Università di Napoli Federico II, Italy
(55 kB) (187 kB)  
"New Modular Architecture for the Mobile Robot MORDUC: from the Hardware to the SLAM Algorithm"
D. Caltabiano and G. Muscato, University of Catania, Italy
(61 kB) (413 kB)  
Advanced and Planetary Applications
"Control of Omni-Directional Mobile Platform with Four Driving Wheels"
T. Nakazato, S. von Wyl, H. Osumi and J.-D. Dessimoz, Chuo University, Japan and EIVD - Hes-so, Switzerland
(123 kB) (353 kB)  
"Modelling and animation of virtual planetary rovers in simulated world for evaluation of locomotion structures"
N. Uebelhart, S. Michaud and O. Michel, EIVD - Hes-so, Contraves Space and Cyberbotics, Switzerland
(39 kB) (353 kB)  
"Overconstrained Wheeled Vehicles: A Simpler Rocky 7 - The Kinematic Car"
S.N. Gautam and P. Awadhiya, Government Engineering College, India
(46 kB) (181 kB)  
"Tracking the Absolute Position of a Mobile Robot Using Vision-Based Monte Carlo Localizazion"
J. Benda and Z. Winkler, Charles University, Czech Republic
(39 kB) (342 kB)  
Introduction for poster session (14 kB)  
Eurobot and Roboka Competition Teams Posters
"Beavis & Butthead"
Faculty of Techncal Science, Novi Sad, Serbia
    (494 kB)
"Birillo Boys"
Pisa University, Italia
    (163 kB)
Blida University, Algeria
    (891 kB)
Catania University, Italia
    (137 kB)
"Hansel & Gretel"
CVRA, Switzerland
    (546 kB)
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
    (1216 kB)
"Mi2005, Dude & Walter"
EIVD - HES-SO, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
    (233 kB)
"Microb Technology"
Microb Technology, France
    (1157 kB)
HTI Biel, Switzerland
    (414 kB)
Budapest University, Hungary
    (366 kB)
Rychnov School of Engineering, Czech Republic
    (861 kB)
IUT Ville d'Avray, France
    (340 kB)
"Roboka - Bob II"
A. Lyhagen and J. Larsson, Sweden
    (796 kB)
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
    (232 kB)
"Team Dare"
University Eindhoven, Netherlands
    (918 kB)
EPFL, Switzerland
    (484 kB)
"The Double Decker's"
Middlesex University, England
    (280 kB)
"TUKE - Robotics"
Technical University of KoŇ°ice, Slovak Republik
    (274 kB)